Blessed are the eyes which see...



ChurchVictory: the triumph of the sovereign, enthroned Lord Jesus Christ and His church in time and history is inevitable.


Gorphilus Corpus: Communications purposed to inform,edify and encourage, while heralding the gospel and promoting Truth over disinformation.


6-Day Creation is the foundational doctrine with which Scripture begins. A straight-forward reading of the Holy Bible clearly teaches that God created all things in the space of 6 ordinary days, and ‘all very good’.


Zionism: Gird yourself for the truth that cuts through deceptive ideology about Israel and the people of God. is a long-term archive of news and commentary, categorized by topic, featuring informative analysis and technical information hard to find elsewhere.


Climate Hoax: from 'global warming' to 'climate change' to Direct Energy Weapons, conspiracy abounds.


Covid Chronicles: A Compendium of Uncompromised Intelligence on the Scamdemic.


Download this compilation of public domain articles that look back and counter establishment disinformation that led to the darkness now consuming this generation. poses the question: Should we continue to trust the mainstream corporate media, or are there more honest, truthful alternatives?


Take the Red Pill: There's no turning back after this...


Way, Truth, Life: "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."